6 tips before buying or investing in real estate

May 5, 2021by admin

Buying a housing unit has become one of the main needs of all Egyptians of all cultures, and here we will list some important tips when thinking about buying a housing unit:-

1-First of all, define your goal, do you want to buy a housing unit for the purpose of investment or housing.

If you want to buy a unit for housing, you should bear in mind many factors like the unit area of the unit and how it is divided. Also it should be close to your work and school if you have kids.

You will be looking to save both money and time equally! To cut it short, if you want a new house , then you are looking for something tailored for your needs.

Unlike investment in a unit, you will be having a large variety of kinds of units. You will be looking mainly for the best locations and highly demanding areas. It will be more easy and highly risky because of the amount of money you will be paying, but the returns will be more satisfying.

2- Determine your budget very accurately, whether the total amount, installments or annual payments.

The budget you enter determines what you will gain in years, you must be aware of the rising prices, the time of leasing and renting. You can get a high return on investment and pay the rest of installments from the outcome. You have to study the factors that will make you gain double of what you paid for.

3- Select the appropriate space for you, in case of investment, look for the lowest down payment and the longest repayment period.

As stated, to make a good investment, you should be smart about where you will be spending your money. Get the shortest and smartest ways to do this

4- Choose the company you will contract with very carefully.

A company with a well known history and experience will save you money and time. You should be aware of time of delivery, payment plans, and even construction updates.

5-Before writing the contract, review all legal papers.
A good company with a sound reputation will definitely save you from fraud and illegal actions. You have to bear in mind that you should ask old clients and customers about their problems if they faced any of them, about accuracy and security.

6- Do not hesitate.
Take it down once and for all. Determine your need, then according to your budget you will head to a well known company and start your journey of investment.

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