What is real estate mortgage and how to benefit from it

May 15, 2021by admin

Real estate finance system.. A large number of citizens these days, wishing to obtain a housing unit, are looking for a real estate finance system within the units offered by the Ministry of Housing and Utilities, represented by the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund.

The real estate finance system is a method provided by the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund for citizens wishing to obtain a housing unit, as the real estate finance system allows them to pay for a period of 20 years as before.

But during these days, we are waiting for the announcement of the presidential real estate financing initiative, launched by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, regarding the provision of a housing unit, to every Egyptian citizen, and the realization of his desire to own a home of his own, as the new real estate financing initiative allows installments for 30 years, with diminishing interest. 3%.

One of the advantages of real estate financing is that you move to your new home as soon as you get the financing.

And obtaining a financing amount that may reach 90% of the value of your new home, in addition to paying specific monthly installments throughout the financing period.

The real estate finance also allows you to choose any unit you want anywhere on the land of Egypt, or from the units available with the fund.

The Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund deals with more than 26 different financing bodies, including: “The Commercial International Bank, the Arab African International Bank, the Egyptian Arab Land Bank, the Egyptian Gulf Bank, the Egyptian Real Estate Finance Company, the Union National Bank, the Arab Investment Bank, The National Bank and the Housing and Development Bank.

It is worth noting that the housing units offered electronically are allocated through a random computer lottery.

In the event that the number of detainees exceeds the number of units available in the announced cities, the priority shall be according to the following order: the married and dependent “inclusive: the widow and dependents – the divorced and dependent” and the priority for the youngest. For the youngest, then single and priority for the youngest.

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